TAMULI archaeological site for all

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TAMULI archaeological site for all

Happy Vision continues its collaboration with the Tamuli archaeological area in Macomer. Even if aware of the difficulty of making available to everybody an archaeological site that is to be preserved and where very few interventions in addition to the existing are permitted, something has been done, just to allow people to enjoy the beauty of the site, even to those who don’t see or are visually impaired.

In 2015, Happy Vision had produced tactile maps of two tombs present in the site, in addition to the general layout of the archaeological area: these tactile artifacts are part of the project promoted by the Promotea Foundation, a project that includes a system of audio guides with built-in earphones and a system of fences that accompanies during the journey, which can guide blind people in the environment.

Happy Vision had also realized the recreation in relief of some pieces of nuragic ceramics: these reconstructions are collected in the museum's classroom and of course can be touched to understand the appearance and size of the terracotta.

In 2017 the archaeological site is enriched with a new tactile map: Happy Vision, commissioned by Macomer's Lions Club, realized a modelled map of the Tamuli nuraghe, a nuraghe with a keep and two towers, nowadays partially collapsed.

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