Application for smartphones

Application for smartphones

Happy Vision is developing an interesting application for smartphones that is innovative with respect to what was available on the market for the mobility of the visually impaired.

This application, during the experimental phase, mainly caters for visually impaired people, who can enjoy what is around them thanks to evocative audio descriptions that enable them to perceive their surroundings independently.  
With the technology used, the descriptions can be activated automatically at a point of interest through the combination of a notification system and simplified activation of the content through the touchscreen.

The great advantage of this application is that it does not require dedicated devices but commercially available smartphones that everybody now carries and uses the iBeacons installed in the environment, GPS and other innovative technologies.

The application provides additional information to supplement the information the user obtains by exploring the tactile map.
The plan view contained in the map provides the unsighted person with information on the space to be travelled and on the destinations that can be reached.
The application repeats and develops the information on the destinations that can be reached and as they are reached during movement along the tactile pathway placed between the map and the place of destination.
The mobility of visually impaired people thus becomes even more independent and safe.

Happy Vision