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The models

Happy Vision uses aluminum, which has been tried and tested for maps and signage, to create modeled panels and models with a strong color contrast for the three-dimensional reproduction of buildings of historic architectural interest.
Examples are found at Sinnai del Nuraghe or in Padua's Basilica del Santo or the Palazzo della Ragione.
The aluminum provides excellent results in terms of the detail of the raised features, so these creations provided non-sighted persons with precise tactile information.
These models, unlike those made of wood that are placed in a transparent cabinet, are made to be touched!
Thus an artistically relevant part of the city can be explored with the hands as well as the eyes and also be known by somebody who is blind, who thus becomes a little bit more independent because independence for a visually impaired person is not just mobility, but also the possibility of enjoying the beauty offered by art.

In order to enable even unsighted people to enjoy art, Happy Vision makes full-scale terracotta reproductions of archaeological and historical finds.
At the Museo di Diana Marina or the Area Archeologica Tamuli of Macomer, these terracotta reproductions have different textures to enable the unsighted person to explore and distinguish by touch the shape and features of the original parts, of the reproduced parts and lastly of the missing parts.

Happy Vision