Aluminum signage at Porta Susa

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Aluminum signage at Porta Susa

Turin's Porta Susa Alta Velocità station for the high-speed train is a steel and glass gallery that is 386 meters long and 30 meters wide, featuring a series of crossing points of the gallery so as to maintain continuity with the urban fabric.

The station's architecture is reminiscent of the urban galleries and halls of nineteenth century stations.
The train system runs below the station building. There are both traveler services like booking offices, waiting rooms, information points and other features and services aimed at a broader demographic such as services for the general public, entertainment, cultural, commercial and catering facilities. Below platforms there is the subway station, the parking lots and the link to the bus lines at street level.

Happy Vision has designed and created the tactile signage. It has installed maps on the outside, near the entrances to provide general information about the station, and inside the building to provide detailed information about services and also outside the entrances to the restrooms. It has provided the elevators with tactile signage providing information about the services on the different floors. It has equipped the banisters with connecting signage between the floors that also provide the number of the platforms and the exits.

The maps have been made of aluminum to ensure durability over time and against weather conditions.
All the tactile signage can be intercepted by the messages provided by the tactile ground floor indicators.

Happy Vision