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Visiting the archaeological park of Paestum accessible also to people with visual impairment

Happy Vision was responsible for the creation of tactile maps for the Archaeological Park of Paestum.

Thus, 8 relief-panels were created with the most important monuments: the temples of Athena, Hera and Neptune, the Amphitheater, the greek Ekklesiasterion, the Roman Comitium with the Temple of Peace, the large area of the Roman forum with temples, tabernae, the basilica and the macellum, and of course an overall panel of the park, which, in addition to the monuments, shows the entrance and exit of the park, the ticket office, the toilets and the main route for visiting the park.

An overview that today reveals only a part of the greek-roman Paestum: it remains to be discovered much more of this opulent and powerful city throughout antiquity.

Happy Vision