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In the woods, along Cassinelli trail, towards Presolana (Valseriana-bg)

The initiative comes from an agreement between the Rotary club Clusone and the Bergamo Cai association: the goal is to allow everybody to walk the trail. A tough challenge: the condition of the trail was problematic with roots and stones obstructing the path. Blind people need a smooth and flat surface though, without obstacles and barriers. The accessibility of the spot is guaranteed when the disabled person is accompanied. A tactile map at the beginning and end of the trail give many information about the whole path and the Cassinelli lodge area. The most demanding section are equipped with handrails and wooden kerbs to improve safety.

At the middle of the trail a modelled sign depicts most recurrent fossils one can find in Presolana area: it’s really astonishing to discover that this mountain houses one of the richest ore body of the Alps.

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