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A waterfall to see also with hands: the tactile map to the Marmore Waterfall

A few kilometers from Terni, in Umbria, Marmore Waterfall, one of the highest in Europe, is a truly suggestive sight.

From the lower panoramic viewpoint overlooking the waterfall, today even a person with visual disability can get an idea of the spectacle offered by the waters of the river Velino who dive into the river Nera.

The humid air produced by the jumps of the waterfall, the roar of the water, the scents of the nature of the park already provide a series of sensations / information to the blind or partially sighted, which are completed with the relief map representative of the site: the position of the waterfall, the flow of the river that receives it, the sloping of the cliff behind. And then the services at the belvedere: the refreshment point and the toilet, the elevator and the stairs, the upper and lower paths, the benches to rest.

The map is made of aluminum; it has various colors with a strong chromatic contrast to facilitate reading for the partially sighted who use the visual residue; has more relieves aimed to signal the various differences in levels to allow the reading to the blind who take advantage of the touch. The texts are in relief block letters and in Braille.

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