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In ESSELUNGA shopping centers

After the superstore of Rome, inaugurated in April 2017, and the one of Como Camerlata, Happy Vision continues the collaboration started for the ESSELUNGA stores also at the shopping centers of Cusano Milanino, Prato, Milano Via Novara, Novara Veveri, Verona alla Fiera, Bergamo Celadina, Vimercate S.Maria Molgora, Verona Corso Milano, Pistoia Porta Nuova, Milano Viale Famagosta and finally Brescia Via Triumplina, Montecatini, Varese Malerba, Pistoia Viale Matteotti, Milano Via Palazzi, Mantova, Milano Viale Cassala and last Livorno Viale Petrarca. 

In the context of tactile signage made for Esselunga, there is also a tactile map at the entrance of the store that allows everyone to know the distribution of the interior spaces of the shopping center; in addition, the intercom incorporated in the map - and indicated both in the map legend and in a raised plate at the height of the wheelchair - allows people with visual or auditory or motor impairment to call ESSELUNGA assistance and to have access accompanied to the shopping center.

Happy Vision